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Benito Internet Survey

We are mapping in Benito for the possible installation of a highspeed network. As part of that process, we want to know who would be interested in subscribing, what you have now and what you'd like to have if faster service were availble.

Please share as much information with us as possible.

Physical Address
Do You Own or Rent This Address?
Current Internet Provider
How Much Do You Pay Per Month Now?
Are You Happy With What You Have Now?

Here are some proposed options for new service levels:

Basic Service - $24.99 Per Month
Up to 1 Megabit Internet Service
Meant for Web Browsing, Email
Not Intended for Use with Netflix

Standard Service - $49.99 per Month
Up to 7 Megabit Internet Service
Suitable for One Netflix Connection

Fast Service - $74.99 per Month
Up to 20 Megabit Internet Service
Suitable for Up to Three Netflix Connections

WiFi Extend - $4.99 per Month per Device
Up to 5 Megabit Internet Service
Outdoor WiFi Service in Most Areas of Benito
Meant for Phones, Tablets, Etc


Would You Change to One of the Proposed Services?
If so, which one?
Please Share Any Comments You Have
If You are Interest In Being Contacted Should The Network
Be Built, Please Share:
Phone / Email

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